How to Select the Perfect Headshot

Choosing the perfect headshot you want to use after a headshot session can be quiet task. Your goal is to choose a headshot that is authentic, represents your brand, shows your personality and evokes interest. A successful headshot consists of a mixture of variables. Beyond just looking good in your headshot, here are some key ingredients.

The purpose of having a professional business headshot is to show who you are and give the viewer an image to connect to. You want to choose a headshot that shows your personality and your best side. A great business headshot has a combination of confidence and approachability. The point is to show yourself as someone who knows what he or she is doing, while at the same time not coming off as unapproachable.

Make sure the headshot you choose has a good background. The background can have a dramatic effect on the impression your photos make. Generally speaking, you do not want a background that will draw attention away from you.

The attire that you wear is key for your headshot. Many times the styling of a shoot is going to be either dressy or casual. Wardrobe for your business photos needs to be appropriate to your profession.

Choose a headshot with a pose that reflects you and your position in your company. We will always suggest poses for you to try out. You should consider your personality and your position within the company you work for when choosing a pose for your headshot.

At Capitol Photo Headshots, during your shoot we will help you choose the right background, offer valuable posing tips to make you look your best, and we will work together to get that perfect expression.

For more information about choosing the perfect headshot for your business, contact Capitol Photo Headshots at 203-255-4002.

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