How Often Should You Get a Professional Headshot?

For business individuals and teams, there are many occasions where getting a new professional headshot is beneficial, or necessary for proper publicity. Below are a list of examples of when it it time to update your headshot.


For Individuals

If it has been many years since you were photographed, or perhaps your look has changed, you may want to update your professional headshot so your public profile matches real life.

If you are updating your resume and on the search for a new job. Getting a new professional headshot can give you the opportunity to present yourself in the best way possible, a give you a heads up on the competition.


If you are about to receive a lot of publicity. Perhaps you are an author publishing a new book, a speaker about to go on tour, or a designer launching a new clothing line. You can benefit from an updated headshot to help publicize your product or event.


If you are unhappy with your current or past headshot, updating your headshot is a good idea. If you do not think your current headshot is a good representation of you, why not make it your next goal to get a new one?


For Businesses

When new employees join your team, keeping your team headshots uptodate can be built into your on-boarding process.You can have Capitol Photo Headshots on call to take pictures of new employees as they are hired. If your business is going to change office locations, getting new headshots and photos for your website or other marketing materials is key.


Rebranding your business? Revamping your brand often means changing your business image at every level. Having new professional headshots that fit the style of your new brand ensures the faces representing your business match the visual message you want to send.


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