Professional Corporate Headshots

What impression does your online personality give to potential clients? When prospective clients look up your business they are not just looking at what you do, they are also looking at who you are. An appropriate headshot is the difference between landing a client or not.


Making A First Impression

In today’s competitive world, when it comes to winning a new client, a first impression has the potential to make or break the relationship. The internet has made that all important first impression so much more essential. Think about your online persona, not only on your business website and LinkedIn profile but on other social media channels as well. People will make judgments about you and your business by the way you portray yourself online.


Below we have listed some tips on how to make sure you are presenting yourself in the best possible way:

  • Hire a professional photographer – Hiring a professional photographer will ensure that you and your company will be portrayed in the best possible light.
  • Avoid Selfies and avatars – If you want to be taken seriously, never post a selfie or an avatar as a photo.
  • Keep it simple – A simple background is clear and clean. There are no distractions and it can be used not only on your website but on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.
  • Go for a timeless look – Wear plain and simple clothes. Stay away from bold, bright patterns.
  • A Cropped shot is fine -Your headshot shows up as quite small on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.
  • Mix it up – Get a few different shots from your headshot session with different poses, crops and outfits.


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