Best Professional Headshot Tips

business womanWe all know that a corporate headshot serves as your first impression. It has many uses, such as your LinkedIn profile or within your email signature. With that being said, your headshot needs to look professional and it should be relatively recent. Below are eight tips that can make getting a great headshot as easy as it sounds.

Choose Clothing That Speaks To You And Your Profession

When you have the best corporate headshot it gives the person looking at it a glimpse into you and who you are. Make sure your headshot shows some personality! If you work in a more artsy profession, make sure your clothes reflect that. On the flip side, if you need to wear a suit and tie, wear some jewelry or a colorful scarf or tie to bring out some of your personal flair.

Find A Pose That Relaxes You

The days of sitting on a stool, looking awkward and uncomfortable are long gone. If you choose an outdoor location, try leaning against a wall, or sitting on some steps. Figure the pose that helps make you comfortable.


Tilt Your Head Slightly

Along with tilting your head, try to turn your shoulders slightly, dropping your front shoulder will help to slim you in the photo. At Capitol Photo Headshots we will help you find the best pose for your corporate headshot.


Elongate Your Neck

Your eyes are what people will immediately look at within the picture, so make sure they are worth focusing on. Try to slightly squint with your eyes. This trick can help reduce your chance of looking like a deer in headlights. This happens naturally with a good smile.


Avoid Too Much Makeup

One of the best things about digital photography is retouching! Even with the magic of retouching, do not pile on makeup, even if you happen to have dark circles under your eyes.


Do Something With Your Hands

At Capitol Photo Headshots, we will direct you what to do with your hands. You want to give your hands something to do, like placing them in your pockets or on a prop being used.


Go Professional

It is no secret that you can get a cheap headshot at your local pharmacy, or even take a selfie. But will it be worth it? Contacting Capitol Photo Headshots will make a world of difference in your corporate headshot. Call us today at 203-255-4002 to schedule your headshot session.

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