Corporate Events

At Capitol Photo Headshots, we enjoy capturing your important moments and showcasing what sets your company apart. We have experience in all types of corporate and special event photography, which allows us to best service you. Some of these categories include people shots, commercial photography, event photography, and real estate photography.

People Shots
No one wants to work with an anonymous entity. Photographs of staff members help add an identity to the people within your business. This includes the standard “headshot” portrait that can be used on everything from business cards to billboards to group shots that present your staff as a team ready to meet the customers’ needs. It is important to keep the photos current with new team or group shots taken whenever staff changes occur. Time is always of the essence. Choose a photographer that can work on location and shoot your people in the natural environment of their office.

Commercial Photography
Commercial or product photography often requires specialized lighting equipment and knowledge. The idea is to create photographs that present the products in an appealing manner. Commercial photographers often produce a large set of pictures including a variety of backgrounds, lighting options and product placements. These sets usually include shots where the product placement within the photograph allows room for graphic additions such as text and logos. The experienced photographers at Capitol Photo Headshots can produce an entire package of product shots that can serve your business for months or years to come.

Event Photography
Public events are great ways to promote your business and its people and products. Adding a skilled photographer to the party can make the event more valuable as a public relations tool. There are many uses for the candid shots taken during these events. A thank you note with a great photograph can help cement a relationship with a client. The photos can also used as office décor to remind visitors and staff of the camaraderie and teamwork of a great corporate event.

Real Estate Photography
Real estate photography is among the most specialized forms of location photography. The ideal real estate photo set presents the property in the most enticing manner to potential buyers. This type of photography pays special attention to lighting, prop placement and viewing angles. A set of professional photographs will certainly present a better image of the property than a few camera phone shots taken by a hurried real estate agent. Prospective buyers expect quality pictures of quality properties. Meeting that expectation can be key to making a sale.