What Is a Corporate Photographer?

There are many different types of photography out there. The most common type of corporate photography is headshots and business portraits. Photography of business events and conferences, office interiors and exteriors, and employees on the job are also common subject matter. Corporate photographers are also used to cover a company’s involvement with a charity event or community. Corporate photographers usually focus on the three areas of photography listed below.


There are two types of photography that fall into this category. Posed and candid. Some clients request a shot of their CEO, team or even a combination in a posed manner, either in an office setting or at a location that speaks to what they do or the area where they are doing business.

Another type of portrait will show members of the team interacting with their customers. This helps to show how a company approaches its work, and displays what the office dynamics are both amongst its staff and in the interactions with clients.



Whether it is for a company website, magazine, internet or social media presence, headshots are a necessity. A headshot puts a face to a name when you are looking at people you want to do business for.



Photographing the office environment, can be very helpful for a company to illustrate what kind of experience their clients will have when working for them. It can go a long way in showing that they are professional, trustworthy, a place that is relaxing and calm.


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