When Should I Update My Headshot?

business womanA good headshot makes the best first impression. If you are starting a new job, a new business venture, or a new role within your company, then it is time to update your business headshot. As a business professional, having an up-to-date headshot is a necessity.


Is A Professional Headshot Really Important?

As society has become more and more dependent on the internet for information, the use of images has become more important. Regardless of the need, most people turn to their cell phone or computer for the solution.

What Does That Mean?

Potential clients will make a decision on whether they want to do business with you based on an image. They will look at the image on your website before they have read your qualifications or how great your services are.

In many cases, business buyers are finding information through LinkedIn, which means potential clients are determining if they are going to take the time to find out more about your services solely on the strength of your headshot. If you do not have a headshot, your competitor just got an advantage over you.


To Selfie Or Not To Selfie?

Absolutely not! It might be tempting, but this is when a professional needs to step in. Corporate photographers have experience with angles, poses, and lighting,that best represent you, and your brand. At Capitol Photo Headshots, we have the skills to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and ensure your personality comes through in the headshot.


How OftenShould I UpdateMyHeadshot?

If you have made any noticeable changes, such as gaining or losing weight, changed your hair color, or have started wearing glasses, then it is time to update your headshot. But we do advise that you update your headshot every two years.


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