Why a Small Business Owner Needs a Professional Headshot

professional-headshotMost people will go through life without ever having to hire a professional photographer. Unless we are talking about wedding photographers, or portrait photographers who photograph our kids for school.

However, increasingly people are starting businesses from their homes and offices and are in need of a photographer. Perhaps they are starting a website to sell something, or have opened a service business and need images for a brochure and website. Using imagery of any kind these days is critical to a small business success as consumers have an increasing desire to interact and engage in various ways.

Hire A Professional Photographer
Hiring a professional photographer to shoot headshots of you is a responsible and reasonable investment. A professional photographer has access to the best equipment and is a skilled photo editor. On the most basic level, this means that you are guaranteed to get a good shot.

That means that your photo will look exactly how you except it to look, how you need it to look no matter where it is posted or printed. The photo will fit with your visual identity and connect to your brand.

Beyond providing the mechanics of a good photo, a professional is able to understand and reveal who you are through your photos in a way that resonates with your brand identity. In the end, after having worked with a professional photographer, your headshot is more than a file you can upload to LinkedIn. It is another essential part of your marketing and communication toolkit.

How To Hire A Photographer For Business Headshots
Look through samples of work online, or request samples of their portfolios. Correspond with them over email, or reach out to them by phone after having looked at their website to get a better idea of how they work, not just what they charge. If the photographer writes a blog, read it to develop a sense of his or her approach, including perspectives on how photography contributes to marketing and building brand identity.

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