In Need Of Numerous Business Portraits?

A great business portrait is a very valuable tool in marketing your visual brand. Your business portrait will project the image of your company as well as your professional services. Your business portrait should portray the image that you would like to project of yourself, your company and your brand. Not only should you have professional business portraits created for your company website, you also need to think about having the right image for the numerous other sites where your business profile is displayed. A great business portrait will build trust and enhance your professional image on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and other social media sites. Having multiple photographs is a great way for people to be able to see who you are and feel like they can connect with you.

The Importance of Having Several Business Portraits


Having a classic studio business portrait taken for your business card or website directory is a good idea. You should also have a photograph that is not quite so formal. Generally, photographs taken outdoors may look and feel more casual as opposed to photographs taken in an indoor setting.

You should have several different size business portraits. A cropped photo or headshot for your social media profile or business card and a full body shot photo for future use is needed. Size does make a difference!

Your positioning in your business portrait is important as well, you should have photos taken of you standing up and seated.

Your appearance, including what you choose to wear for your portrait, your hair and makeup will play as important a role in your final image as the composition & lighting. It is important to consider your attire, as it will ultimately affect how people will perceive you.
Ultimately your business portrait will have an important impact on your opportunity to make a lasting impression for your potential and existing clients. It is important to have your business portrait updated every 1-2 years. Having a variety of images for your business portrait is crucial.

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