First Impression Through Professional Headshot

Young man posing confidentlyProfessional headshots are important for your company. When a potential client lands on your website or LinkedIn account, you just have a few seconds to make a first impression. You are your name. Potential clients decide very quickly when they meet you or see your headshot if they feel a connection with you and your business. Looks like you are approachable, professional, confident? All of these are important features of the brand of your firm. It’s important to be careful on the headshot you share with your future customer.

• Hire A Professional To Look Professional
If you view yourself as someone with expertise or credentials of some sort, you need to represent that in your online images. There is only one way to do this, really. Use an image taken by a professional photographer specializing in headshot photography for business and corporate use.

• Use The Same Headshot
Use the same photograph on your website, your business card, LinkedIn, email accounts allowing profile photos, including your personal Facebook page. Consistency is paramount. Customers, future clients, people who only get to know you or who haven’t met you until they know for certain that they’re looking up the right guy.

• Update Your Headshot
Verify that your headshot reflects the way you look now. That doesn’t mean every time you get a haircut you should get a new photo taken. If a potential customer first meets you for coffee, they will be helped to identify you by viewing a current headshot on your website or social media profile.

• Be Consistent With Staff Headshots
Do you have a highlighted employee or staff on your website or promotional materials? Make sure the photos of everyone look like they’ve been taken by the same photographer, with similar or identical background. Make it clear to your staff what they should wear for the shoot, and ensure that they also use their photos across multiple platforms.

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