Capitol’s Regina Madwed Talks Baby Portraits And Share Her Top 10 Tips

Sweet baby boyIf you’ve never had children and wonder why your mom-friends keep showing you pictures of their babies every chance they get or why they’re so obsessed with taking portrait pictures of their babies, the answer is clear. Baby Portrait Photography is an enjoyable and very interesting leisure time!

The mothers and fathers took their own hands on the craft of baby portrait photography. In reality, if you’re a new parent, I bet you’ve always got a camera tucked in your pocket. The ultimate joys of a parent are sure to capture the witnessed unforeseen ‘firsts’ or simply capture the right moment that candidly presents itself.

Poses at Specific Ages

Yet taking baby pictures often poses a challenge; and that is, babies don’t know how to pose. The subject is still too unconscious of its surroundings, or unpredictably active at certain ages. And it would be good if their ability to strike a pose might be least to expect.

Experiment on how to carry the baby but make sure the focus of the picture is on the baby and not on anyone else. You have to find a way to capture just the profile of the baby while being held by another person. There are still limited positions that you can capture when taking pictures of babies between 3-6 months old. The good thing is that babies can now keep their heads up, and getting the face into profile will be much easier. Costumes and props which are suitable for these ages may also be used to enliven the images.

Babies start sitting about 6-9 months and that is when you can catch really strange baby poses. This is the time when you need to master your camera’s shutter speed function, as the babies start to become very active. So some babies may be able to understand that their photos are being taken from age 10 months onwards and may even keep their poses a little longer. Candid photos may do very well during these ages.

10 Things to Keep in Mind about Baby Portrait Photography 

  1. Make sure that your camera has film all the time and that your batteries are fully charged all the time 
  2. If you are using a digital camera, it is best to have batteries ready.  
  3. Familiarize yourself with the use of shutter speeds and camera flashes. 
  4. Do not be afraid to take ultra-close up photos of your babies. 
  5. Try shooting at distances and capturing the drama of the scene. 
  6. If you are going to pose your babies, hold them securely. 
  7. Your babies need not be dressed in costumes all the time, just make sure they are clean unless you intend to take photos of them wiping chocolates on their faces which is very adorable too. 
  8. Try shooting in grayscale. Black & white photos come out very classy and elegant, so if you intend to frame the photos, you will never go wrong with it. 
  9. Remember that babies can easily get distracted, if you caught your baby doing something very nice, be quick in clicking the camera or you might miss the moment. 
  10. Get others involved. Have your relatives of family members make coo-coo sounds to make the baby smile or simply talk to the baby to get eye contact. 

There’s nothing like capturing a child’s essence on a photo. They grow so fast so you really want to get every precious moment on the video. You’ll learn simpler photography techniques for baby portraits as you go along, and you’ll be proud of each time you get a cute little smile recorded for eternity.

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