Take My Images: A Pet Portrait Photography Guide

These days, pet portrait photography is very popular with so many people. This is normal! You’re so fond of your pet that you treat it like a family. There are photographers who take pet pictures expertly, but you can still do it in the comfort of your own home. Simply have the digital camera ready at all times. Read on to find more ideas on how your pets will take better pictures.

The Candid Shot

Really, you can’t ask animals to pose for you, can you? Naturally active and extremely temperamental, they are. They rely all the time on instinct, so you have to expect distractions to come your way as long as they are stimulated. Teaching the animals to take the pose that you want them to do is just unlikely.

So, be like the paparazzi instead! Catch them doing something sweet and clever and funny; or creep up on them and start clicking away when you think they’re about to do something really mischievous. You’ll be shocked by how well the photographs have been taken.

Making Your Pet Look Its Best

It is always soothing to look at a well-groomed cat. There are unexpected moments of clumsiness that you might want to note, like when they run into a puddle of mud. If your pet regularly goes to the groomer, then you’re going to have more opportunities to catch them at their best. But be mindful that if a shorter hair-cut is given to dogs or cats with long hair, they are likely to get a little depressed, so taking pictures right after will not harness good results.

Moods and Swings 

You are probably familiar with your pet’s behavior by now; as to whether they feel most sleepy after they’re fed or if they’re playful during the mornings when it’s not too hot or too cold. If you want to take a photo of them in a specific mood, try to know the patterns when these moods are usually exhibited. 

As Close as Possible 

The cutest photos are the ones that show the face. And because pets are normally smaller than humans, you might need to really get down to get a clear view of their eyes or get a close shot of their faces. Zoom lenses are very helpful for taking photos of pets – that is if you can’t get close enough to them. 

Plan the Scenes 

Carefully plan your scenes. If your cat likes to play with toys then make sure to have loads of them around. If your dogs like to chew, give them bones to play with or doggie toys they can throw and bite, too. 

Sprinkle colors in the area and make sure there is adequate light. For a more airy effect, adjust the brightness of your camera; add a little contrast if you want to expose the light in their eyes. There are a million ways to catch your pet doing something cute. As they are, we’re sure they’re already 

fascinating to look at and that’s exactly what you want to remember about them. Pet portraits are great keepsakes so practice on the techniques of pet portrait photography and experiment on other ways to add beauty to your pet’s pictures!

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