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Great Tips When Using Mobile Phones For Portraits

Smiling businessman make self-portrait picture in officeMobile phones have evolved into a technological gadget you ‘d love to bring anywhere you want. Unlike when you have to bring along your professional or video camera, you could catch moments with a simple click on your phone, which could really be really inconvenient. If you browse through the different network sites, you will find millions and millions of photos taken with a mobile phone camera while producing very distinct and attractive people portraits. Portrait photography has really grown and has gone a long way!

So let’s look at this creative hobby of openly taking pictures by only using phones and uploading them to websites. Here are some helpful tips for capturing the beautiful light and transforming something ordinary like an ordinary occasion into an action allows great case! Continue reading

Use A Professional Photography for Real Estate

Real estate agent ready to present house to clientWhen listing a home, real estate agents often think about curbside appeal, selling price, and the local market but too few agents spend enough time truly considering professional photography services. Today, home buyers are not starting their home search in an agent’s office. They are starting the home buying process online. To grab the most attention, earn the best price, and create home buying buzz, you need professionally staged real estate photography.

Create A Great First Impression
It is a known fact that today’s home buyers start their search online, but researchers have found that more specifically, home buyers spend the first twenty seconds looking at a home listing analyzing the home’s exterior shot. If your home has a lackluster exterior shot, most home buyers will not bother looking at other photographs or gathering other information about the home. Grabbing home buyers attention with an exterior shot that maximizes the home’s positive attributes and downplays any potential negatives through photography can instantly peak increase interest in a home. Continue reading