5 Tips to Make Sure Your Business Headshots Are Amazing

Ready to schedule your business headshot? We have a few healthful tips you should take into consideration before reaching out to a professional photographer. Do your research, plan and ask questions. Here are 5 tips to help make sure your business headshot is amazing.


Contact A Professional Photographer

You need a photographer who understands business headshots, branding and about what your headshot is trying to say. A photographer who specializes in family portraits might be able to get a great portrait but that is not the same as being able to encapsulate your personal brand through a great business headshot.


Uses For Your Corporate Headshot

Your headshot can be used across many platforms and say many things. Think about where you want to use your images. LinkedIn, your company website, brochure, business cards, it is totally up to you and dependent on your brand message.


Hair, Make-Up, And Clothing

If you want a professional, polished look for your headshot, hiring a hair and team might be a good idea. It is best to hire someone who specializes in a “corporate look” as apposed to a “makeover look”. You do not want your hair and make-up to look glam but natural looking.

As far as clothing goes, if you run your own business, you may want to incorporate your brand colors. Your photographer will be able to offer you good advice on this.


Research Images

Research images for corporate headshots, look at the profile photos of your connections on LinkedIn, and look at websites you like and see what style of images they are using. This will give your photographer an idea of what look you are trying to portray for your headshot.


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