Look Your Best in Corporate Headshots

corporate-headshotHaving a headshot that is clearly representative of your best you will speak volumes about you and your business. Having an updated and professional looking headshot is essential Headshots that are done professionally allow you to humanize your brand and reflect the organization’s culture.

Hire A Professional
Do not assume you can create quality headshots with your standard point and shoot camera or phone. The photos they produce will not be high quality or versatile for your needs. The photos professionals capture are going to be the highest quality.

Proper Attire
Headshots show how you look at your best, so dress professionally. When choosing colors to wear, pick colors that match or compliment the colors of your brand. When colors are matching or compliment each other they will always be more attractive to the eye.

Choose A Good Background
The headshot photo background can have a dramatic effect on the impression your photos make. Generally speaking, you do not want a background that will draw attention away from you. The most popular backgrounds are white, blue, grey and black.

Posing Tricks
Body language says a lot about an individual, so getting the right pose to position you in a way that is friendly and approachable is critical. The more relaxed you are the more natural you will look, and the more natural you look the better the picture will be.

• Before stepping in front of the camera, take a deep breath and relax
• Stand or sit at a slight angle, around 20-30 degrees and face the camera
• Never drop your back shoulder
• Create a strong jawline by bringing your forehead out and down

Be Yourself
A headshot is not only a reflection of what you look like but also shows your personality. Do not be afraid to smile or look directly at the camera. Showcasing yourself in the best manner is important for acquiring new clients, partners, or team members. It all starts with how you choose to promote your own personal image.

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