Corporate Headshots and Environmental Portraits

Corporate headshots are an essential part of your company’s public relations profile.It is imperative that the way the corporate head shots are photographed matches the essence of your branding, from the posing to lighting and clothing to expression. With that in mind, there are a few questions to consider.

What Image Is Your Company Trying To Project?

Decide on what your portraits need to convey, and consider all of your options. We have found that over the last several years, clients have moved away from the studio headshot with a backdrop to a more environmental portrait.

At Capitol Photo Headshots, we are skilled photographers that can work with colors and lighting to capture your personality and match your branding. If you are leaning towards one portrait style over another, remember to consider the following.

  • Allotted time for the photographer
  • How many people need to be photographed

With your studio headshots, remember you are set in one place, with one or two backdrops. With environmental portraits, you can stay with one location but we are also able to switch it up a bit and find additional spots in your office that can make for an interesting background.

Environmental headshots tend to have a more casual feel to them and allow you to show more of your surroundings. Studio headshots are more traditional, but certainly do not have to be. There are many ways to show your individuality with studio headshots and portraits. The lighting style, backdrop color, your demeanor, all effect the way your headshot is perceived.

In the end studio and environmental are both wonderful options. You just need to decide which look works better for what you are trying to accomplish. We can also do a combination of both. The main objective is that the images are simple, clean, and professional.


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