CorporateHeadshot Photo Session: Make It Fun!

We all want to know our competition but never copy them. Let your sincere  and genuine expressions make people gravitate towards you and your business. This is easy to achieve by having fun in your photo session with Capitol Photo Headshots. Below are some helpful tips that can take away any stress during your session and start having fun.


Be Prepared

Once you have chosen a photographer, they should be able to advise you on clothing, makeup, hair, colors, jewelry and accessories. At Capitol Photo Headshots, we recommend having all of your outfits clean, pressed and ready to go.


Get Plenty Of Rest

Drinking plenty of water, eating the proper foods, and getting plenty of rest a few days prior to your session is key. Being rested feels good, so you can now take that great feeling with you all the way to your photo session.


Arrive Early

Try to arrive early to your headshot photo session. That will give you time to organize and lay out your clothing and accessories. Take this time to go over your hair and makeup as well. Getting to your photo session early will help remove any stress of your appointment.


Be Confident

Remember that you are terrific at what you do and you have so much to offer to those who need your services. You have selected the best headshot photographer around, you have been prepared for days, you are well rested and you arrived early. It is now easy to project your beautiful and genuine energy into the camera lens. You now are finding yourself having fun during your corporate headshot photo session!


Schedule Your Headshot Session

At Capitol Photo Headshots, we will make sure that you do not dread your headshot session. We will make it an exciting and enjoyable experience. To schedule your headshot session, contact us today at 203-255-4002.

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