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How Often Should You Get a Professional Headshot?

For business individuals and teams, there are many occasions where getting a new professional headshot is beneficial, or necessary for proper publicity. Below are a list of examples of when it it time to update your headshot.


For Individuals

If it has been many years since you were photographed, or perhaps your look has changed, you may want to update your professional headshot so your public profile matches real life.

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Key Tips for Taking Confident and Professional Headshots

Finding the right photographer and taking a session of professional headshots can be a lot of work. If you end up not liking your photos, it usually comes down to communication with your photographer. If your photographer has to guess at what you want, or how you want to be portrayed, you both may end up frustrated and disappointed during the session. Below are some ways to make sure you are happy with your headshots.

The Purpose Of The Professional Headshots
Are you updating a company headshot, or your resume? Telling your photographer why you need the photos will help them determine the correct look for your session.

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