Professional Headshot Backgrounds for Business Headshot

headshot-backgroundWhen it comes to choosing a background for your professional headshots, you have plenty of options. Ideally, you want a headshot background that does not draw any attention to itself. Headshots for creative professions may incorporate more drama, color, pattern and texture providing it does not take focus away from the subject.

Whichever background you decide to use for your headshot, make sure it helps convey the meaning you intend to capture in the end result you are after. Below are a list of background ideas for your business headshot.

White Background
Let us start with the standard. Most corporate headshots require a plain white background. The white background is clean and does not provide and distractions and the viewer’s attention is immediately pulled into the face in the image.

Black Background
On the opposite end of the spectrum are dark backgrounds for headshots. They are also very good because dark colors do not demand attention and the viewer’s attention is easily drawn into the face since it is the brightest part of the image.

Grey Background
How deep of a grey color for the headshot background we use is usually a matter of personal preference. Some clients prefer a more dramatic look for their business headshot, others are looking to match the business headshots of others on their website, while others may just prefer the brighter look of a light grey background.

Environmental Background
Often using a mix of natural light and studio flashes, the environmental headshot is a warm and welcoming style of headshot. Using the environment as its background, these headshots can be captured in your office, a conference or even a clients home.

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